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Cats available for adoption at Petworks Kingsport animal shelter.

Please call (423) 247-1671 for more info about a shelter cat.

DM the shelter on Facebook to ask about adopting a cat.

Two dilute tortie cats at Petworks animal shelter in Kingsport, TN.

Meg and Maisie

Dilute tortie cats
Snuggle buddies
Partners in crime

Adopt Meg or Maisie
Young cat with a black and white tuxedo coat hanging out in his green apartment like kennel at the new Petworks Kingsport Animal Services facility's adoptable cat room.


Fun and playful
Cute bell that dings
Six month old tuxedo cat

Adopt Madison


Dora (white)
Dolly (orange)
Diamond (black)

Adopt a Kitten
Gray cat sticking his paws against the plastic window-like surface of his green kennel that resembles a cabinet at Petworks animal shelter in Kingsport, TN


Sweet as can be

Adopt Grayson
A white kitten snuggled up next to an older cat, which is also white (but her face isn't visible) at Petworks animal shelter

Taffy and Reese

Climbing enthusiasts
Favorite hobby: naps
Looking for a new roomie

Adopt Taffy or Reese
Young black cat snuggling with a white + black cat on a pink and blue blanket placed inside the cat kennel at Petworks Kingsport Animal Services

Avery and Ava

Bonded pair
Three months old
Ready to claim a couch

Adopt Avery and Ava
Two attentive and young gray tabby cats posing with a playful posture at Petworks in Kingsport, TN

Colby and Casey

Gray tabby cats
Kittens (six weeks old)
Attentive and energetic

Adopt Colby or Casey
Whoopie the fluffy black cat, who's ten years old and as relaxed as shelter cats come


Ten years old
Chill + fluffy cat
Naps the day away

Adopt Whoopie
Young black and brown shelter cat named Kit Kat at Petworks Kingsport Animal Services in northeastern Tennessee

Kit Kat

Ten weeks old
Gentle and relaxed
Domestic house cat

Adopt Kit Kat
Addison, a gray and brown tabby cat hanging out inside his "apartment" like kennel at the animal shelter called Petworks in Sullivan County of Kingsport, TN


Six months old
Makes funny faces
Gray + brown tabby cat

Adopt Addison
Domestic house cat posing with his tail high in the air and curled to the side at the animal shelter


Nine weeks old
Domestic house cat
Perfect for your family

Adopt Clyde
Grey cat with green eyes resting on a colorful blanket at the shelter


Purrs softly
Six months old
DSH + gray tabby

Adopt Pixie
Two young gray tabby cats resting on an orange towel inside a green cabinet-shaped kennel with "windows" at Petworks animal shelter in Kingsport, TN

Zena and Zo

Young bonded pair
Multi-colored tabbys
Purrfect for the holidays

Adopt Zena and Zo
Orange cat resting against a spotted cat composed of light and dark brown spots

Ranger and Cassie

Dilute tortie
Orange tabby
A few months old

Adopt Ranger/Cassie
Gray cat (top shelf) and a black and white cat (bottom shelf) in the cabinet shaped green kennels at Petworks animal shelter in Kingsport, Tennessee

Tux and Bubbles

Bubbles (gray)
Tux (black + white)
Handsome young men

Adopt Tux or Bubbles
Young female tabby cat with a grey coat resting on a burnt orange and brown blanket at Petworks animal shelter in Kingsport, TN


Young lady
Ready to roll
Grey tabby cat

Adopt Brandi
Handsome grey male cat with green eyes chilling in his apartment like kennel at Petworks


Could be a model
Whiskers for days
Gorgeous green eyes

Adopt Tater
Fluffy grey tabby that's two years old sleeping on a gray cat bed in her kennel at Petworks Kingsport Animal Services, aka the animal shelter in Kingsport, TN


Beautiful lady
Two year old tabby
Looking for a home

Adopt Della
Three grey baby kittens huddled together inside their kennel at the animal shelter in Kingsport, TN

Baby Kittens

Much baby
Such kitten
Must adopt one

Adopt a Baby Kitten

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