Rescue Cats in Kingsport, TN

Cats available for adoption:

Petworks Animal Shelter
3101 E. Stone Dr.
(423) 247-1671

Note: I've been too busy to update this website (sorry!). Meanwhile, you can see a current list of cats here.

Black and white cat laying on a swing covered with a blue blanker.


Relaxed Cat
‍Seeking a Roomie

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Grey cat with beautiful blue eyes


Introverted Cat
No Kids Please

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Medium cat with a light and dark brown pattern


Lap Cat
Don't Startle Me

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Small grey cat standing on a platform inside their kennel or cat condo.


Curious Cat
One and a Half

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Small white cat with orange spots on her ears and a brown one under her right eye.


Wise Cat
One Year Old

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Brown and white cat with big white whiskers.


Shy Cat
Two Years Old

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Two grey tabby cats who shared a kitty condo together, one is in a separate room with a circle shaped entrance.

Harvey and Crimson

Buddy Cats
Seven Months Old

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Black and white cat with green eyes.


Young Cat
Three Months Old

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Orange cat sitting on a yellow towel inside of their kennel.


Tiger Cat
Six Months Old

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Two cats of a similar height and posture looking outside of their cat condo with the door open.

Dixie and Joey

Neighbor Cats
Three Years Old

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A man, Daniel Wallen, holding a grey and black cat who's snuggled against his sweater for a selfie.


Cuddly Cat
Three Months Old

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Animal Shelter Hours

Closed: Wed/Sun
Hours: 1:00-5:30PM
No appointment needed
Visit their Facebook page

Cat Adoption Fees

$50 senior (age 7+) cats
$50 spayed and neutered cats
Fee includes spay/neuter and microchip

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