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Cats available for adoption at Petworks Kingsport animal shelter.

Please call (423) 247-1671 for more info about a cat.

DM them on Facebook to schedule a cat adoption.

Nori, an eight year old Torbie cat gazing intensely in the distance, as if she's found something to hunt


Torbie cat
‍Eight years old
Enjoys exploring

Adopt Nori
Baxter, a ten month old orange cat, standing on two feet and reaching out of the kennel in a playful fashion


Plays gently
Domestic cat
Ten months old

Adopt Baxter


Dora (white)
Dolly (orange)
Diamond (black)

Adopt a Kitten
Lena and Lonnie, a pair of two month old black cats with big white spots, laying in a kennel together at the Kingsport animal shelter

Lena and Lonnie

Two months old
Snuggle together
Brother and sister

Adopt Lena & Lonnie
Tabby, a one year old cat with a black and white coat that looks like a fancy tuxedo he intends to wear to the opera


One year old
Sharp tuxedo

Adopt Bailey
June Bug, a white and grey cat sharing a kennel with another cat that looks like his splitting image (perhaps they're twins?)

June Bug

Ten months old
Domestic darling
Has partner in crime

Adopt June Bug
Smokey, a two year old cat who resides at Petworks Kingsport animal shelter. His coat includes brown, black, and white marks.


Black sheep
Two years old
Calm as they come

Adopt Smokey
Joanne, a one year old black cat with green eyes, whose paw is forward and out of the frame as if she took the selfie herself


Green eyes
One year old
Fan of selfies

Adopt Joanne
Walker, a two year old black cat with yellow eyes, stepping outside of his kennel at the shelter so he can get loved on


Plays it cool
Two years old
Smooth moves

Adopt Walker
Taylor, a two year old grey cat with green eyes, standing inside her kennel which has a red food bowl in the back


Sweet baby
Two years old

Adopt Taylor
Four grey kittens huddled together inside their kennel at Petworks Kingsport animal shelter

Baby Kittens

Adorable family
Get along perfectly
Favorite time of day: dinner

Adopt a Baby Kitten
Grey cat with green eyes staring at the camera


Two years old
Wants all the lovins
Pro at staring contests

Adopt Jody
Baby kitten with a black face and white body sticking out her tongue


Cat friendly
One month old

Adopt Margo
White baby kitten resting on a pink towel


One month old
Loves blankets
Watches intently

Adopt Mandy
Three kittens -- orange, black, and grey -- huddle together as if conspiring

Dusty and Mason

Dusty (grey)
Mason (white)
A few weeks old

Adopt Dusty/Mason
Two month old snowshoe cat reaching her paw forward as if greeting you


Snowshoe cat
Two months old

Adopt Marley
Orange and black lady cat with a white belly


One year old
Domestic house cat

Adopt Zusi
Two grey kittens and one black kitten

The Trio

One month old
Snuggle together
Avery, August, May

Adopt the Trio
One month old black cat with crusty eyes


Crime fighter
One month old
Sweet as they come

Adopt Captain
Two black domestic house cats with green eyes inside their kennel at Petworks Kingsport Animal Shelter

Pepper and Charcoal

15 weeks old
Dynamic duo
Domestic house cats

Adopt P and/or C
A pair of two month old cats (a brown one and orange one)

Fannie and Dusty

Dusty (orange)
Fannie (brown)
Two months old

Adopt Fannie/Dusty
Two orange kittens posing in sync as if it's for the cover for their latest album

Duff and Dugan

One month old
Orange (Dugan)
Orange/white (Duff)

Adopt Duff or Dugan
Grey cat with big green curious eyes and a curly tail


Gray tabby
Gentle lady
One year old

Adopt Bubbles
Gray tabby cat laying on a red blanket and staring intently


One year old
Female tabby
Favorite hobby: naps

Adopt Rose
An odd cat family -- mama is brown and the babies orange -- yet they're indeed her offspring

The Odd Family

Biologically related
Katy (proud mama cat)
Austin and Cooper (orange)

Adopt the Odd Family
An orange cat sitting on a green towel with an upright posture and super long whiskers


Male tabby
Six months old
Best posture ever

Adopt Farley
A fluffy black cat with green eyes -- so fluffy she looks 10 pounds heavier than she really is


Three years old
Domestic house cat
Soft and beautiful floof

Adopt Salem
A gray tabby cat with her three newborn kittens, looking proud because she made beings

Vera and Family

One year old
Loving mama
Three baby kittens

Adopt Vera's Family
Two orange cats: one right in front of the camera and another laying on top of its litter box, Snoopy style

Dot and Dash

Relaxed cats
Orange tabby
Six months old

Adopt Dot and Dash
Orange and white domestic house cat sticking its head forward as if to give Daniel Wallen a friendly "boop"


Two years old
Enjoys head butts
Domestic house cat

Adopt Addie
Gray and green-eyed domestic long-hair cat inside its kennel at Petworks Kingsport, TN animal shelter


Four months old
Domestic long-hair cat

Adopt Pepper

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