Adopt a Dog in Kingsport, TN

Dogs available for adoption:

Petworks Animal Shelter
‍3101 E. Stone Dr.
(423) 247-1671

Note: I've been too busy to update this website (sorry!). Meanwhile, you can see a current list of dogs here.

White dog with a black spot toward the rear, similar to a cow's coat color. The dog looks amused or content and is standing in front of a wood storage building outside.


Deaf (Can't Hear You)
Please Don't Startle Me
Small for a Pit Bull Breed

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Big brown dog smiling in front of a building made of red bricks.


Longest Resident
Good with Big Kids
Active and Energetic

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Big brown and white dog with black spots and a goofy smile


Big Baby
Spotted Hound
Jumps (No Small Kids)

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Tan colored pit bull laying in the grass.


Sweet but Afraid
Learning to Be a Dog
Would Love a Foster Home

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Big black and white dog smiling in the grass as a cloud floats overhead


Beautiful Eyes
Queen of Zoomies
One Year Old Huskie

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Brown dog who looks amused


Two Years Old
Upbeat and Affectionate
Easy to Mange on a Leash

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Spotted brown dog with two different eye colors. One is white and the other is black.


Pretty Dual Color Eyes
‍One Year Old Pit/Terrier
High Energy (Needs Yard)

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Black dog smiling in the grass next to a brick building.


One Year Old Black Lab
Digger (Keep Away from Garden)

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Small brown and white dog in a room where potential adopters can get to know a dog at Petworks animal shelter in Kingsport, TN.


Feisty Little Man
Young Jack Russell
Loves to Play Fetch

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Brown dog walking in the grass, which is covered in leaves to signal the arrival of winter.


Creature Watcher
One Year Old Shepherd
Sweet but Slow to Warm Up

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Black and white dog smiling next to a red tiny house.


Clever Boy
Lives for Ball
Three Years Old

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Brown dog with a serious face giving Daniel Wallen a hug outside of Petworks animal shetler.


Mixed Breed
Two Years Old
Eager to Please

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Small brown and white dog sitting on the front porch of a tiny house.


Jack Russell
One Year Old
Great on Leash

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Black dog smiling and sitting on an elevated bed or platform often used for dog training inside the meet-and-greet roomat Petworks.


Seven Months Old
Scared of Doorways

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Brown dog standing on a front porch and looking forward.


Escape Artist
Four Years Old
Shelter Favorite

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Daniel Wallen taking a selfie with a big dog outside of Petworks animal shelter in Kingsport, TN.


Big Energy
Bouncy Dog
Has Three Names

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Available at Petworks
Kingsport Animal Shelter

Hours: 1:00-5:30PM
Open: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat
No appointment needed (drop-in)
The adoption fee is $100 for most dogs
Add-ons: spay/neuter, rabies, microchip

Dog Adoption Fees

$50 senior (age 7+) dogs
$60 spayed and neutered dogs
Fee includes common vaccines
Add $20 to get your dog microchipped

Read the Dog Adoption Guide

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