Shelter Dogs in Kingsport, TN

Dogs seeking a forever home at:
‍‍Petworks animal shelter
3101 E. Stone Dr.
(423) 247-1671

Closed: Wed/Sun
Open: 1:00-5:30PM
No appointment needed

Large black dog with a big white belly


Motivated by treats
Three year old pit bull
Different dog out of kennel

Adopt Max
Brown dog with a greying coat (senior)


Shepherd mix
Eight years old
Calm, cool doggo

Adopt Zeus
Light brown dog with big ears


Protective as heck
Must be the only dog
One year old shepherd

Adopt Ivy
Black dog with white paws and belly


Six years old
Female bully mix
Scared (needs a hero)

Adopt Roxy
White dog with small black spots


Born deaf
Female pit bull
Needs time to warm-up

Adopt Gigi
Black dog with a blue collar


Easy to please
Ten year old lab
Owner passed away

Adopt Boots
White dog with a brown face and black spots


Six years old
Female hound
Her owner passed away, too

Adopt Cinnamon
Black dog with a white chest and belly


Mixed breed
Woman of mystery
One year old female

Adopt Heidi
Small black dog with grey spots


Mixed breed
Nine years old
Bonded with Mickey

Adopt Star
Small grey dog being held


Male chihuahua
Bonded with Star
Sixteen years old (!)

Adopt Mickey
Big white dog with a black nose


Bully mix
Two year old male

Adopt Zane
Big white dog with black spots


Male bully mix
Three years old
Sweet and well-behaved

Adopt Checkers
Big dog with a chocolate brown coat


Big kids? Yes!
Small kids? Nope!
Two year old pit bull

Adopt Anders
Small white dog with black and brown spots


Male collie
One year old
Found as a stray

Adopt Bristol
Medium black dog with a toothy grin


Pure bred lab
One year old male
Favorite game: fetch

Adopt Scout

Adoption Fees

$50 senior (age 7+) dogs
$60 spayed and neutered dogs
Fee includes common vaccines
Add $20 to get your dog microchipped

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