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Dogs available for adoption at Petworks Kingsport animal shelter.

Please call (423) 247-1671 for more info about a dog.

DM them on Facebook to schedule a dog adoption.

Black and white pitbull posing on a set of stairs leading into an apartment building


Bully mix
Four years old
Bouncy and fun
Longest resident

Adopt Boots
Nala, a one year old brown and white pit bull mix, who looks somewhat perplexed about ending up at the shelter


Bully mix
One year old
Loves ear scratches
‍Needs house training

Adopt Nala
Buddy, a white one year old lab/retriever mix, smiling big in front of the Learning Center used by area colleges in downtown Kingsport, TN


One year old
Constant smile
Lab/retriever mix
Doesn't like big trucks

Adopt Buddy
Black and white pit mix resting on the grass after having fun in the animal shelter play yard


Pit bull mix
Three years old
Needs a patient owner
Reactive to sights/sounds

Adopt Max
Brown and black one year old hound mix standing in an alley downtown


Dog friendly
One year old
Super playful
Female hound

Adopt Dolly
Brown American shelter dog smiling big while standing on the grass inside Petworks Kingsport Animal Shelter's fenced in play yard


Three years old
American shelter dog
Dogs and cats? Sure!
Small children? I dunno...

Adopt Hannah
Black and white seven month old male collie mix with a serious expression on his face as if to say: "Okay, I did the thing, now gimee a treat"


Male collie mix
Seven months old
Enjoys canine company
Well behaved little fellow

Adopt Snoopy
Black pitbull/terrier mix laying down to catch his breath next to a park bench in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee


Dog friendly
Two years old
Handsome man
Pitbull/terrier mix

Adopt Bodaga
Six year old male collie mix sitting in the grass


Six years old
Sweet as heck
Male collie mix
High activity needs

Adopt Kota
Black lab/shepherd mix laying in the grass next to a fence, smiling as if he just met his soulmate for the first time


Loves fetch
Two year old male
Lab/shepherd mix
Super well-behaved

Adopt Maddax
Black one year old male lab mix named Titan in the play yard at Petworks Kingsport, TN animal shelter


Male lab mix
One year old
Loves affection
Skin needs attention

Adopt Titan
Medium sized black, white, grey, and brown spotted dog with the most interesting coat color you've ever seen


Small dog
Colorful coat
Two year old male
American shelter dog

Adopt Hendrix
White and brown spotted chihuahua looking at the camera with a piercing stare


Chihuhua mix
One year old male
Fits in your purse

Adopt Trixie
White, black, and brown pit/terrier mix carrying a lizard shaped toy


Loves toys
Pit/terrier mix
Two year old male
Needs yard or active owner

Adopt Archie
Small beagle dog with a black coat in the center of his body and brown on his face, tail, and legs (his paws are white as if he's wearing socks)


Curly tail
Dog friendly
Three years old
Male beagle mix

Adopt Jay

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