Shelter Dogs in Kingsport, TN

Dogs seeking a forever home at:
‍‍Petworks animal shelter
3101 E. Stone Dr.
(423) 247-1671

Large black dog with a big white belly


Fast learner
Three years old
Dog training included

Adopt Max
Big brown bully mix smiling in the car


Loves hugs
Hyper as heck
Six months old

Adopt Rodeo
Light brown dog with big ears


German Shepherd
One year old female
Wants to be your only dog

Adopt Ivy
Black dog with white paws and belly


Great companion
‍Six year old female
‍Dog, cat, and kid friendly

Adopt Roxy
Brownish grey dog with a white spot on his nose.


High energy
Great personality
Six month old mixed breed

Adopt Buddy
Medium black dog resting in the grass with a stuffed cow


One year old
Female husky/collie mix
Good with kids and dogs

Adopt Tessa
Big brown dog with his tongue stuck out.


Bully mix
Three year old male

Adopt Jag
Small brown dog with a big smile.


One year old
Male shepherd mix

Adopt Kodak
Small black and white dog looking straight at the camera


Two years old
Female bully mix
Plays with kids properly

Adopt Annabell
Medium brown dog wearing a harness.


One year old
Female mixed breed
Sweet but needs training

Adopt Piper
Chocolate brown dog with a super serious expression


Three year old female
Confused (needs TLC)
Not as serious as she looks

Adopt Jade

Animal Shelter Hours

Closed: Wed/Sun
Open: 1:00-5:30PM
No appointment needed

Dog Adoption Fees

$50 senior (age 7+) dogs
$60 spayed and neutered dogs
Fee includes common vaccines
Add $20 to get your dog microchipped

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