Online Home for Dogs You Can Adopt in Kingsport, TN

Dogs available for adoption at Petworks Kingsport animal shelter.

Please call (423) 247-1671 for more info about a shelter dog.

DM the shelter on Facebook to ask about adopting a dog.

Black and white pit bull mix posing in front of a wooden door in downtown Kingsport, TN with his tongue sticking out.


Escape artist
Longest resident
Four year old pit bull mix

Adopt Boots
Black and white pit mix resting on the grass after having fun in the animal shelter play yard


Receptive to training
Three year old pit bull
Reactive to sights/sounds

Adopt Max
Grey dog with an interesting face shape and serious expressing standing in front of a fence in the play yard at Petworks animal shelter in Kingsport, TN


Mixed breed
Six months old
Smiles when he runs

Adopt Buddy
Brown and white boxer dog standing on gravel with his head turned to the side, eyes closed, and tickled expression as if he is laughing at a funny joke


High energy
Expressive as heck
Two year old male boxer

Adopt Cannon
Great Pyrenees dog with brown, white, and black spots on his coat frolicking in the play yard at Petworks Kingsport Animal Services


Love bug
Great Pyrenees
Fan of fenced in yards

Adopt Jack
Young brown Shar-Pei dog with wrinkles on her face that resemble an elderly human resting in the play yard outside of Petworks, the animal shelter located in Kingsport, TN


One year old
Shar-Pei mix

Adopt Charlotte

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