Rescue Dogs in Kingsport, TN

Dogs available for adoption:

Petworks Animal Shelter
‍3101 E. Stone Dr.
(423) 247-1671

Smiling brown and black dog with green trees in the background.


Always Smiling
Sweet Shepherd
Poses for Photos

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Brown dog wearing a red collar who looks like Scooby Doo.


Poker Face
Dog Selective
Breed Unknown

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Small brown dog smiling next to a fence.


Huggy Pug
Gets Attached Fast
Won't Bring Ball Back

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Big light brown dog wearing a pink collar.


Claim: Bully Breed
Reality: Sugar Baby
Loves Play and Pets

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Big black dog with wrinkles sticking her tongue out.


Lap Dog
Gentle Giant
Low Activity Needs

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Happy black dog standing on a gravel path.


Easy to Please
High Activity Needs

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Petworks Hours

Closed: Wed/Sun
Open: 1:00-5:30PM
No appointment needed
Visit their Facebook page

Dog Adoption Fees

$50 senior (age 7+) dogs
$60 spayed and neutered dogs
Fee includes common vaccines
Add $20 to get your dog microchipped

Read the Dog Adoption Guide

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