Rescue Dogs in Kingsport, TN

Dogs available for adoption:

Petworks Animal Shelter
‍3101 E. Stone Dr.
(423) 247-1671

All dogs $50 Saturday 09/18 only

Small white and tan dog wearing an aqua blue harness


Snuggle Buddy
Four Year Old Terrier
Escape Artist (No Fences)

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Brown and black dog with a big smile next to a mini home with the door open


Hound Dog
Loves Walks
Four Years Old

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White and brown dog with a serious expression


Still Optimistic
Playful Lover

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Hound dog with a patterned brown, black, and white coat.


Easy to Walk
Craves Attention
Must Be Only Pet

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Tan colored pit bull laying in the grass.


Needs Patience
Could Use a Foster

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Medium dog with a big smile sitting under a gazebo - her coat contains black, brown, and grey spots.


Smarty Pants
Shepherd Mix
Five Years Old

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Medium black and brown dog wearing an orange collar with a smile as they sit in the grass


Potty Trained
Ten Years Old

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Light brown dog smiling and sitting in the grass


Big Energy
Three Years Old
Chinese Shar-Pei

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Black and brown dog standing in the grass with his tongue stuck out


Eight Years Old
Alaskan Malamute
Shy But Warms Up

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Medium white dog with a big brown spot on her face


Seven Years Old
Loves Belly Rubs
Smooth Coated Collie

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Big brown and white dog with black spots and a goofy smile


Big Baby
Jumps (No Small Kids)
Eight Month Old Hound

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Small dog with light and dark brown spots smiling while laying in the grass.


Zig Zags
One Year Old

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Medium white dog with their tongue stuck out, standing in front of a bush.


Alaskan Huskie
Three Years Old
Requires Fence

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Small hound dog with a big smile and black, brown, and whtie spots.


Needs Patience
Nervous at First
Two Year Old Hound

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Tan dog with big brown eyes laying on Daniel Wallen's lap.


Sweetest Boy
Seven Months Old
Smooth Coat Collie

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Petworks Hours

Open: 1:00-5:30PM
No appointment needed
All dogs $50 Saturday only

Dog Adoption Fees

$50 senior (age 7+) dogs
$60 spayed and neutered dogs
Fee includes common vaccines
Add $20 to get your dog microchipped

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