Adoptable Dogs in Elizabethton, TN

These dogs live at Misfit Hounds animal rescue.

The rescue is located on 914 Dejarnette Street in Elizabethton, TN.

Email to ask about adopting a misfit hound.

You can also begin the adoption process by messaging their Facebook page.

Brown foxhound proudly showing off his American flag colored bandana


Six years old
Fiercely loyal
Laid-back doggo

Adopt Admiral
Female coonhound sporting a purple sweater

Anna Banana

Seven years old
Tree walker coonhound
Takes a bit to earn her trust
Knows when it's dinner time

Adopt Anna Banana
Young coonhound with a big white area in the middle of her face and brown spots to the left and right

Baby Girl

Dog friendly
Three years old
Tree walker coonhound

Adopt Baby Girl
Big coonhound dog wearing pink butterfly wings

Betty Spaghetti

Gentle giant
Coonhound mix
Seven years old
Keeps you warm

Adopt Betty Spaghetti
Black and brown bluetick hound wearing a blue bandana


Super chill
Failed hunter
Four years old

Adopt Boone
Brown hound dog laying on the ground


One year old
Requests cuddles
Has a boyfriend (Gabe)

Adopt Brandy
American English coonhound wearing a heart shaped hat


Former hunter
Four years old
Good family dog
American English coonhound

Adopt Britney
Spotted foxhound wearing a blue bandana


Six years old
Foxhound mix
Loves to prance
Thrives on routine

Adopt Burt
Black bluetick dog smiling big and wearing a red harness at the park


Blue tick
Cuddle bug
Seven years old

Adopt Daisy
Small tree walker coonhound wearing a heart shaped hat


Two years old
Does well with dogs
Tree walker coonhound

Adopt Doc
Spotted light brown redtick hound snuggling with a blanket


Five years old
Redtick hound
Howls like a wolf
Has a girlfriend (Brandy)

Adopt Gabe
Senior shepherd hound mix wearing a blue bandana


11 years old
Shepherd hound mix
Grumpy but lovable senior

Adopt Gramps
Black bluetick/catahoula mix dog wearing a chckered black and red bandana


Soulful gaze
Nine years old
Needs eye-drops daily
Blue tick/catahoula mix

Adopt Hailey
Big black and tan hound dog with an owner wearing camouflage as if they're on a hunt


One year old
AKC black and tan
Follows you like a shadow
Will rest his head on your lap

Adopt Huckleberry
Tiny black and white foxhound mix wearing a camouflage bandanna


Rough past
Foxhound mix
Seven years old

Adopt Jezebel
Brown and white two year old American foxhound resting on a couch


Two years old
American foxhound
Requires a patient owner

Adopt Judy
Medium sized brown, black, and white hound dog with three legs


Six years old
Missing one leg
Fan of ear scratches
Tree walker coonhound

Adopt Lady
Two brown beagles cuddling together in a cozy bed

Laverne and Shirley

Eight years old
Bonded beagles
Dog and cat friendly
Eat and sleep together

Adopt Laverne & Shirley
One eyed brown and white tree walker coonhound wearing a red jacket on some porch steps


Nine years old
Pirate (one eye)
Tree walker coonhound
Being treated for heartworm

Adopt Maeve
Tiny ten year old beagle wearing a white and grey winter sweater

Mini Pearl

10 years old
Happy when held

Adopt Mini Pearl
100+ pound hound dog who looks bear-ish wearing a checkered red and black bandanna


Giant (120 lbs)
Eight years old
Hates exercise
Loves food and pets

Adopt Missy
Close-up of a white beagle with big black eyes


Four years old
Not good with small kids
Waits for you to drop food

Adopt Randy
Nine year old brown, black, and white beagle dog wearing a Mexican hat as if he's celebrating Cinco de Mayo (inappropriately according to some)


Nine years old
Center of attention

Adopt Roadie
Small beagle dog with big black spots and an interesting grey/white pattern at the rear wearing a black bandanna


Three years old
80% mellow, 20% playful
Enjoys belonging to a pack

Adopt Rosie
Small brown and white beagle laying on a work bench as if she's preparing for tool time


Hound mix
Three years old
Contagious smile
Needs some extra TLC

Adopt Scarlett
Ten year old black and brown bluetick dog who looks half her actual age


Ten years old
Looks half her age
Severely neglected in the past

Adopt Spooky
Big black beagle wearing pink butterfly wings

Sweet Pea

Lab/cur mix
Seven years old
Loves snuggling in bed
Plays mama to other pups

Adopt Sweet Pea
Great Pyrenees/shepherd mix smiling big with his tongue out and wearing a necklace with a silver ring attached to the end


Eight years old
Ideal family dog
Craves butt scratches
Great Pyrenees/shepherd mix

Adopt Whiskey

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