Pets make us feel safe and secure in our homes.

They improve our fitness, heart health, and immune systems.

And they make the process of meeting new people so much easier.

Trust me when I say adopting a pet is the best decision you'll ever make.

1. Pets are good for heart health.

Most pet owners have lower blood pressure than others.

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death.

According to Harvard Health, owning a pet lowers your risk.

The effect is especially powerful when an adopted dog is involved.

Why does this happen? My best guess is the comfort of physical touch.

Studies show petting a dog can cause your blood pressure to drop by 10% or more.

Multiply by the many times a dog begs for attention and the long-term benefit is huge.

2. Pets boost your immune system.

Pet owners tend to have a strong and healthy immune system.

The immune system protects you from the flu and common cold.

It's composed of white blood cells, antibodies, organs, and complex proteins.

Without a strong immune system, you're more susceptible to illness of any kind.

Research reveals living with pets protects newborn babies from asthma and allergies.

Again, the effect is most powerful with dogs, who spend a lot of their time playing outside.

Some of the cooties dogs carry inside classify as "good bacteria." Consider it a pet-based probiotic.

3. Pets make you feel safer at home.

Living alone can cause anxiety. Adopt a pet to ease your stress.

The world feels like a scary place right now.

With a pandemic that never ends, it's easy to feel troubled.

Mayo Clinic took a survey to determine the sleep habits of patients.

Those who owned a pet and let them sleep in the same room felt more secure.

Yet again, dogs win (my sincere apologies to cats and the humans who prefer them).

A news organization called KGW sent letters to 86 inmates who were arrested for burglary.

Most thieves said they'd stay far away from homes that are guarded by a large dog that barks.

Small dogs, however, didn't bother them. So maybe it would be wise to consider adopting a pit bull?

4. Pets help you prevent weight gain.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes need a daily walk. Hello, cardio!

This benefit of pet adoption shouldn't come as a shock.

Dogs love walks, tug-of-war, playing fetch, and running around the yard.

Dog owners will naturally burn more calories than someone without a canine companion.

Science confirms it's true. People who adopt a dog are 34% more likely to stick with a fitness routine.

If you struggle to be consistent with a fitness plan, adopt a dog. They are the best hecking workout buddies alive.

5. Pets allow you to make new friends.

The pet owner community is the friendliest one you'll ever find.

Pets are a great asset when it comes to making new friends.

Any animal lover who sees you walking your dog will start a conversation.

You can also build lasting relationships by getting active in your local community.

Take your doggo to the nearest dog park every day and you'll see the same people often.

This reasoning also applies to volunteering at the nearest animal shelter or rescue organization.

Over time, you'll build a bond based on your shared interest of loving pets, and gain friends in the process.

This is especially true when you're bad at small talk like me. Being around pets removes tension and pressure.

You'll never have to think about what to say. And you don't have to impress anybody. Conversations will flow easily.

Adopting a pet is the absolute best life hack ever.

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